Two of our most popular MarkSetBot features are our wind and horn instruments.  Paired with our anchorless robotic buoys, these add-ons make it simple to fully manage all aspects of your race course!

Wind Instrument

MarkSetBot with wind instrumentWith the MarkSetBot wind instrument, you can stay on top of wind trends on the course. The wind instrument reports to the MarkSetBot app in real-time so you can always see current wind speed and direction. The app also shows some helpful visualizations – a 3 hour average of speed and direction, plus wind rose graphs and plots that help visualize wind shifts.

View a demo of the wind instrument app screen.  For this demo, a Bot with a wind instrument was on the water in Miami, Florida, being controlled by Kevin Morin, our MarkSetBot Founder and CEO in Detroit, and Ron Young from St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco.

Horn System

MarkSetBot Horn InstrumentThe MarkSetBot horn system allows your race committee to run starting sequences or signal course changes from the MarkSetBot app. Several sequences are available, from 5 minute countdowns to college-style team racing sequences.

Check out the horn system in action during this demo with the St. Francis Yacht Club’s Wednesday Yachting Luncheon. 

RaceOS Integration

The wind and horn instruments are key pieces of our RaceOS system.  RaceOS pairs MarkSetBots with the horn system and wind instrument, plus low-latency trackers, and gathers all of the data together to autonomously run the race—self-setting race courses with wind shift adjustments, sequence and course change signals, start and finish detection with automatic scoring, all fully controlled by the MarkSetBot operating system.