MarkSetBot became the world’s first robotic mark by listening to the sailing community. We continue to nurture our relationship by bringing your ideas to reality.

Want to be a part of our next generation bot?

If you’re tired of sitting at home with nothing to do, we’re looking to take our topside to the next level and want your input. Apply on your own, or team up – virtually, of course – with your closest sailing buds. You can compete in our new topside design competition by posting your design here or by emailing your design to (see requirements below).


Topside Competition Requirements

1. Construction: Circular and uniform (no hard edges), viewable at 1.5nm away, and buoyant to prevent turtling:
2. Convenience: Quick setup, less than 15 lbs, fastens to current deck with buckles:
3. Requirement: Hollow inside to provide clearance for trolling motor in both stowed (motor head raised) and deployed positions:
4. Ruggedness: Tough enough to take a collision while forgiving enough to prevent damage to boats that hit it:
5. Branding: Space for large MarkSetBot logo and temporary/removable sponsorship logo spots: