Whether you’re a seasoned Bot Pro, considering bringing Bots to your course or just following MarkSetBot progress, you’re invited to join the MarkSetBot webinar series.  Each time, we select a different topic to dive into – from practical best practices and tips to elevate your Bot skills to forward-thinking discussions on the future of race management technology.  Up next…
Webinar: Unlocking the MarkSetBot Advantage
In this webinar, we’re diving into the impact that MarkSetBot can make on your racecourse and discussing innovative ways to bring this game-changing technology to your club.  We’ll begin with a look at how MarkSetBots and our robust software shine on the course, reviewing some of our best course-setting features and biggest areas of impact.  Then, we’ll dig into affordability, looking at financial models from Bot-as-a-Service to customer cost-savings examples, and even an exciting, revenue-generating, alternative use offering that you won’t want to miss.

Saturday, March 9, 2024
11:00 AM Eastern US | 5:00 PM Central European