We’re teaming up with US Sailing to help the sailing community get back on the water.

Together, we’re giving US Sailing org members special pricing: 3 Bots, 3 Months, 30% off – plus 10% off your first year of Bot-as-a-Service!

US Sailing Promotion Details

US Sailing and MarkSetBot have worked hard to provide the MarkSetBot product for an affordable price in an effort to create an option for safe, socially distant race organization.

The Promotion:  By partnering with US Sailing, we are offering a 30% discount on a 3 bot, 3 month lease for organization members.  At the end of the three month period, you may continue leasing them at the non-promotional price or take advantage of our Bot-as-a-Service program. You must be a US Sailing organizational member to order.

Limited Supply:  Our supply is limited, so make sure to order quickly to get your bots in time for the season!

Talk to Us:  If you have any questions about the promotion, please reach out to us directly using our contact form.



Russell Coutts, CEO, SailGP

“I just saw the brilliant technology from MarkSetBot . . . we immediately have decided we need some of those in our youth program in New Zealand, that’s for sure.”

Matt Hill, Race Administration Director, US Sailing

“We are excited about partnering with the MarkSetBot team to make their autonomous marks available to our member clubs and sailing centers. As we re-think how we safely deploy race committee volunteers and assets, MarkSetBots will make that challenge easier for organizers and be a great way to support racing.”

Ken Read, President, North Sails

“Fewer people.  Fewer anchor lines.  Fewer boats needed.  Less fuel.  I can’t believe how something like this wouldn’t be cost-effective for all yacht clubs around the globe.”