MarkSetBot is revolutionizing the way regattas are run. With MarkSetBot, complex courses are simple to set and maintain, deep water mark-setting is never an issue, and courses are kept square even with shifty breeze.

But if you feel like you are already herding cats preparing for your event and don’t want to add anything else to your plate, our team has your back. We have a team of Bot Techs that make integrating MarkSetBot technology into your event easy with no learning curve.

The Role of a Bot Tech:

1. Preparation and Setup: Your Bot Tech will set-up the MarkSetBots and ensure they are charged and ready to go for the day’s racing. They’ll launch the Bots and oversee them as they head to the course.

2. On-Water Operation: Your Bot Tech will collaborate closely with the race committee to set the desired course, sharing wind data and course-adjustment suggestions as appropriate. The Bot Tech will work with your race committee team to ensure the course stays square to the wind, with marks set at the proper distance for your desired race length. When the course is being adjusted, your Bot Tech will keep the race committee well-informed with updates on time until the course is set, allowing your PRO to keep races running like clockwork. While the Bot Tech can work from any RC boat, we recommend teaming him or her with your PRO on the start boat.

3. End-of-Day Oversight: At the end of the race day, your Bot Tech will bring the Bots to shore and ensure they are charged and ready for the next day. At the end of the event, your Bot Tech will manage the pack-up.

A Bot Tech can enhance your regatta, ensure seamless operation of your MarkSetBots and allow your race committee and club volunteers to focus on delivering a great regatta.

Reach out to the MarkSetBot team at to learn more about bringing a Bot Tech to your next event.

Rather do it yourself?

MarkSetBots are easy to operate, and we offer tremendous resources to train your team. Check them out here.

Bot Set-Up
MSB Bot Tech
MarkSetBot app
MarkSetBots lined up on the dock
Join the MarkSetBot Bot Tech Team

We’re always looking for new Bot Techs to join the team. MarkSetBot will provide training, but here are a few qualities we’re looking for:
• Experienced in setting up race courses
• Physically capable of lifting 65 lbs
• Organized with excellent time management skills
• Skilled at managing expectations and comfortable saying no when something isn’t possible
• Good communicator, logical problem-solver and quick learner
• Technologically-savvy

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in joining the MSB Bot Tech team, reach out at!