Take your regatta to the next level with a MarkSetBot event rental!

MarkSetBot robotic buoys and course-setting technology are improving the quality of racing at regattas around the world. We work with yacht clubs big and small, fully-staffed and volunteer-run, and would love to talk about how Bots can work for you.

Our patented buoys accurately hold position without anchors, even in high winds and waves. With a user-friendly mobile app, easy assembly, and effortless repositioning, they make precise race management simple and lead to more racing, better courses, happy race committees and sailors, and successful and sustainable regattas.

An Event Rental can be a great way to try out MarkSetBots at your club or regatta. We offer short-term rentals on Bots and accessories – like wind instruments, horns, and trackers – that make race management a breeze.

Here are the top 6 reasons to bring MarkSetBot to your next regatta:
Bottie graphic - Reason #6
#6. MarkSetBot shines when course-setting conditions are tough.  Shifty breeze, deep water and challenging currents aren’t a problem like they are with traditional marks. And with no anchors, course changes happen near-instantly.
Bottie graphic - Reason #5
#5. More sustainable races. MarkSetBot makes course setting more sustainable with fewer motor boats and no anchors. As a recognized Clean Regatta Best Practice, Bots can even help you achieve Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta designation.
Bottie graphic - Reason #4
#4. Perfect course technology. With magical course-setting features like wind shift and trend visualizations, course and starting line calculators, integrated depth charts, and automated layouts, the MarkSetBot app makes precise course-setting simple for everyone.
Bottie graphic - Reason #3
#3. Premier sponsor recognition. Dressed up with custom, full-color covers, Bots make great billboards for recognizing event sponsors.  We’ve even had clubs get their Bots for free with sponsors covering the cost.
Bottie graphic - Reason #2
#2. More racing – less time. Keeping the course square is easy with MarkSetBot. Course changes are made with a quick tap on a mobile device, leading to quality courses and less waiting between racing.  On average, Bot-events get in at least one extra race per regatta.
Bottie graphic - Reason #1
#1. Volunteer Shortages. If you’re short on volunteers for your event, MarkSetBot picks up the slack with just one person able to set and maintain the entire racecourse.

Event Rentals are a great way to try out MarkSetBot at your club and build supporters of the Botter Way.  Whether your goal is to eliminate course-setting challenges like deep water, shifting breeze, and volunteer shortages or to add exciting course-setting technology that makes races precise and keeps courses square, MarkSetBot will make a big impact at your next regatta.

Let’s discuss the options! Reach out to our sales team to learn more at sales@marksetbot.com.

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