MarkSetBot, through three different generations, has maintained a very similar form-factor throughout. Up to this point, the biggest change was from V2 to V3, where the aluminum frame connecting the two side pontoons was ditched in favor of a one-piece inflatable hull. As the popularity of our bots has increased, however, we’ve received several requests for another new form-factor: the SuperBot.

The SuperBot seen above is an early prototype. It is 12 feet long, with an upgraded 24-volt motor, double the voltage of the standard V3 bot, allowing for it to achieve a significantly higher top speed and maintain an anchor in equally strong winds as the V3, despite the increased weight. The production version will be 16 feet long, with a hull manufactured by a reputable sport-boat brand. Additionally, we are working on a new topside for the SuperBot that will allow for significantly more advertisement space.

More info on the SuperBot will be coming over the course of the next few months. Please email us at for more info!