Sailors for the Sea is the world’s leading sustainability certification for water-based events. With over 3,600 Clean Regattas since 2006, they have reached more than one million sailors across 53 countries. Since 2021, MarkSetBot has had the honor of being included on their Clean Regattas Toolkit which provides valuable guidance and resources for implementing impactful environmental changes at your event.

Enhance Your Event’s Sustainability with the Clean Regattas Toolkit

Along with MarkSetBot, the Sailors for the Sea Sailors for the Sea Toolkit incorporates many other ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of your event:

Promote and Share Your Green Initiatives

No matter which green tactics you adopt, sharing your efforts is crucial. Capture photos and videos of your sustainability practices during the event and share your achievements afterwards to earn certification. Be sure to tag organizations like MarkSetBot and other partners to expand your support network and community engagement.

    Discover MarkSetBot: Revolutionizing Race Management 

    Interested in MarkSetBot and want to learn more? Our robotic buoys are self-propelled and utilize GPS technology to maintain their position without the need for anchors. The MarkSetBot race management system seamlessly integrates with various tools and software, including: wind instrumentation, horn system, auto-VHF broadcasts, 360º video, AIS transponders, boat trackers, OCS detection, weather radar, depth charts and popular software like SAPTracTracNjord AnalyticsChartedSails, and Expedition.

      By incorporating MarkSetBot and the practices outlined in the Clean Regattas Toolkit, you can significantly enhance the quality and sustainability of your water-based events, and contribute to healthier, cleaner oceans and waterways.