“Hey! You hit the mark! Do your turns!”
“No way, man! I didn’t hit the mark!”

There’s always that one guy on the course who definitely hit the mark, but never wants to take the penalty. With MarkSetBot Splatter (beta), it’s not a problem anymore!

We are thrilled to announce our latest race course innovation: a hit-mark penalty system, MarkSetBot Splatter. Now, you can equip your MarkSetBot buoys with dye pack technology and stop the “did we hit the mark” question for good.

Inside the Tech

Through a sophisticated network of low-latency sensors, our hit-mark technology accurately recognizes contact – from a slight brush of the mark to a head-on collision – and with a boom, deploys the dye pack. Forty-seven ultrasonic nozzles receive sensor inputs 400 times per second and stand ready to punish no matter the location of impact. Notably, they adjust dynamically to direct the splatter at only the offending boat. A 360-degree camera add-on records the moment of impact and instantly uploads it to the MarkSetBot.com Wall of Shame.

MarkSetBot’s proprietary, non-toxic, biodegradable dye easily washes off fiberglass and sailcloth with a simple water rinse, but it bonds with skin for days. So, sailors take note. Let’s see some clean roundings or find your way to a Blue Man Group audition.

Jim Thompson tests Splatter

MarkSetBot’s Ryan Flack and Jim Thompson (right) after a “successful” day of testing.

“When I first pitched MarkSetBot Splatter to the team, our CEO said ‘I love it, but won’t people be upset when we ruin their sails with dye?’ He had a good point. So I watched a lot of Bill Nye videos, learned the finer points of chemistry and developed our washable dye. I managed to make it washable on all surfaces except skin,” snickered Jim Thompson, chief engineer of MarkSetBot Splatter.

Just like all MarkSetBot innovations, Splatter integrates with any existing Bot and even connects to the MarkSetBot Commander app.

“At MarkSetBot, we’re constantly innovating. First, it was the robotic mark. Then, we developed RaceOS full course automation. Splatter is our next piece of cutting-edge race committee tech that’s going to change course management forever. Race Officers, do you have a particularly whiny competitor? Maybe someone who likes to sail by and shout ‘advice’? MarkSetBot Splatter seamlessly integrates with our Commander app so you can deploy the dye at ‘strategic’ moments,” shared Kevin Morin, founder of MarkSetBot.

Ready to Splatter?

MarkSetBot is seeking clubs interested in joining the Splatter beta test. If you’re ready to get on board, reach out at sales@marksetbot.com.

What’s Next?

What’s on the horizon for MarkSetBot? Chief Engineer Jim Thompson has been hard at work developing Splatter’s next iteration – the Splatter Cannon, great for fouls that occur further from the mark. “I’m just working out a few final kinks on Splatter Cannon,” said Jim. “We’re on track for our expected release on April 1, 2022.”

As always, the MarkSetBot team will continue to bring fresh ideas that solve racers’ and race committees’ most serious issues.

MarkSetBot Splatter