Did you know MarkSetBots can be charged via solar power? Our solar panel charging units are an eco-friendly way to charge Bots, giving clubs a sustainable alternative to the traditional charging method.

Battery power is a critical component of the MarkSetBot system. Our Bots are powered by a 100 Ah lithium ion battery. You may be wondering what exactly that means for on-the-water performance. Battery life is impacted by how much the Bot must travel (course changes or motoring to the course), wind speed, waves, and current. In conditions of 8-10 knots of breeze with 1-2 foot waves, our Bots can hold position for more than 24 hours. In windy conditions (over 20 knots), Bots generally are able to hold position for 16-20 hours – plenty of time for a normal race day. MarkSetBots report their battery status in the app, including the health of the battery, current power draw, and the percentage of power remaining, so you’re always equipped with up-to-date data.

Traditional Charging

For traditional charging options, the Bots charge using any 110-240 volt outlet. With our included charger, the batteries charge at 10-20% every hour. Most of our customers use less than 50% of battery in a day’s racing, so they could fully re-charge in approximately 2-5 hours.

Solar Charging

Our solar panel charging units offer a sustainable alternative to the traditional charging method. We have two solar options available – on shore or on-the-water charging panels.

Our flexible, Bot mounted solar panel allows for on-the-water charging, extending the daily life of the Bots or making it unnecessary to plug them in once back on shore.

We also offer solar panels for on shore charging. In fact, it’s how SailGP charges their fleet of Bots and how we charge at the MarkSetBot factory!