MarkSetBot robotic buoys are setting racecourses around the world.  Our Bots make course setting easier for race officials, keep courses square and make it possible to run more races in less time.

So how do you do it? Set your course in 1-2-3 easy steps!

Bottie #1
Step 1: Launch the bot.
If you have the MSB dolly or a floating plastic dock, you can easily launch the Bot on your own. Otherwise, find a friend and drop the Bot in the water.
Bottie #2
Step 2: In the MarkSetBot app, open the Layout screen.
Here, you select a course type, input wind direction, and course length to build your course.

Layout has some great features to help you set a perfect course:

  • Course Layouts – The app comes with more than 35 pre-populated courses to make course setup a breeze. Windward-Leeward, Slalom, Triangle, Trapezoid, Digital M, Digital N – you name it, we’ve got it (and if we don’t, we’ll make it)!
  • Course Length Calculator – Our calculator will make your course magically precise. Input your desired length of time for the race, select your boat type and the MarkSetBot app will recommend the precise course length to hit your target race time.


  • Line Length Calculator – A perfect starting line every time. Enter the number of boats and the length of the boat, and MarkSetBot will set the right line length.


  • Integrated Wind Measurements – If you have a connected wind instrument, wind data automatically feeds into the Layout screen. It’s always right where you need it.
Bottie #3
Step 3: Click Navigate.
Sit back and relax while the Bots get to work.  Wind shift?  Step back to Step 2 and adjust the course with the tap of a button.  The Bots will quickly move to their new assignments – easy, efficient, and precise.