“I really hope I never have to run another regatta without MarkSetBot.”


We had a busy September with MarkSetBots marking the course in regattas around the world. In the past 30 days, Bots were used more than 350 times.

MarkSetBot buoys are self-propelled and use GPS technology to zero in on a specific location and anchorlessly hold position. With a user-friendly mobile interface, they make precise race management in any condition simple with no complex equipment and limited volunteers.

With MarkSetBot’s ease of use and penchant for keeping courses square, there’s one common sentiment we hear – race officers and racers alike love the Bots and no one wants to run another race without MarkSetBot!

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MarkSetBot in Action: Pontiac Yacht Club’s MSB Experience

PRO Mark Allen said, “At our annual regatta, we ran races with 3 MarkSetBots. Bot #1 was used as the windward mark, Bot #2 was the right leeward gate, and Bot #3 dynamically re-positioned to be the start, right leeward gate, and finish. In the MarkSetBot app, I chose a leg length, entered the wind direction, and the bots placed themselves in the correct location for a square line, square gates, square course. With shifty wind on our inland lake, we made dozens of course changes with no delays (so simple!) and were able to run more races than ever before. MarkSetBot is a game changer for race management. I really hope I never have to run another regatta without MarkSetBot.”

One racer shared this: “MarkSetBots proved invaluable in setting great courses in very challenging conditions. The ability to change the course without having to manually move marks was miraculous and made for fantastic and fair racing. To keep the course square, the race committee moved marks in all but 1 of the races. I encourage every club to investigate the advantage of this fabulous invention.”

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