We Automate the Race Course

RaceOS by MarkSetBot is complete course automation – self-setting race courses with wind shift adjustments, sequence and course change signals, start and finish detection with automatic scoring, all fully controlled by the MarkSetBot operating system. It’s a game-changing race course innovation.

RaceOS is incredibly flexible.

With different levels of automation, there’s a RaceOS package for every sailing scenario.

Automation Levels Chart
Automation Levels 0-1
Automation Levels 1-2
Automation Levels 4-5

RaceOS pairs MarkSetBots with tracking, a horn system and a wind instrument, and gathers all of the data together to autonomously run the race. RaceOS can handle every part of race management or can provide you with data and equipment to set outstanding courses.  No matter the level of automation selected, RaceOS will help you run exceptional races.

Perhaps you’d use “Full Course Automation” for club racing when volunteers are in short supply. The Bots will run all aspects of the race, from signals to OCS detection, course changes to scoring. Leave the course management to the Bots and just sail!

For a championship regatta with a professional PRO, “Mark and Sensor Automation” is ideal. The Bots are under your command. At your instruction, they’ll sound horn sequences, signal course changes, provide constant wind readings and historical data, but the decision-making and competitor tracking is up to you.