We are proud to work with industry leaders in sailing to help every regatta and race embrace new technology and digital improvements. Meet our partners!

SailGP Logo

SailGP is an annual, global racing series that includes high-speed racing on F50 foiling catamarans, the world’s top sailors, cutting edge technology and programs that set leading sustainability standards worldwide.

MarkSetBots® are part of the course at all SailGP events and we are proud to be a founding partner of SailGP INSPIRE, SailGP’s community, education and outreach initiative. Forging the future is our goal – widening access to all, offering career pathways through sailing, and leaving a meaningful legacy wherever we go.

RS Sailing logo

RS Sailing is the fastest growing sailboat brand in North America. From entry level youth trainers to high performance skiffs, RS offers a complete range of sailboats to meet any sailors needs. MarkSetBot® is proud to partner with RS Sailing on the SailGP INSPIRE program. Through INSPIRE, youth sailors compete on RS Cat 14s, racing around a course of MarkSetBots. In line with MarkSetBot’s mission, the SailGP INSPIRE program also includes programming for local school groups to introduce the sport of sailing with both onshore STEM activations and on water experiences with the RS Cat 14. In addition to the SailGP INSPIRE connection, RS Sailing CEO, Jon Partridge, has been an invaluable mentor for the MarkSetBot team.

ProNav logo

MarkSetBot® has partnered with ProNav since 2016. ProNav provides our GPS and compass chips. They are a small, talented group out of Hancock, Michigan.

MarineVerse logo

MarineVerse is an international team of creatives and advocates for sailing and emergent technology. Their mission is to inspire, train and connect sailors, and share the feeling of this amazing sport with a wide global audience.

Through their debut project VR Regatta – The Sailing Game, MarineVerse brings entertainment and education together through virtual reality (VR), creating experiences to enable more people to sail through the creation of games, training and more.

Calypso logo

Calypso makes a self contained wind instrument that is durable, ultrasonic, and easy to set up. Thanks to our partnership, MarkSetBot® fully integrates with these wind instruments, letting you see wind information collected from your marks, making it easy to understand race conditions from your mobile device.

TracTrac logo

TracTrac provides creative and advanced real time tracking solutions.  TracTrac makes hard-to-follow sports engaging with real time GPS tracking.  They give visibility to the sport, engage the spectator and drive fan base and sponsor value by revealing and visualizing the key moments of hard-to-follow-sports in real time.  MarkSetBot® partnered with TracTrac in 2020.

SailBot logo

Sailbot is known for their iOS-based, Bluetooth enabled starting horn system with custom sequences and simple operation. As part of our partnership, we’ve integrated the MarkSetBot® with Sailbot Horns, making it possible to sound horns remotely from every MarkSetBot robotic buoy on your course.

SYRF logo

The Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) is a 501 c(3) dedicated to modernizing the sport of sailing and pushing the boundaries of sailing technology.  SYRF uses science and technology to advance the sport of sailing.  We’re pleased to partner with SYRF on integrations that feed MarkSetBot data directly to racers.