This weekend was the third and final Davis Island J70 winter event.

We were able to get two more MarkSetBots down to Tampa this weekend for the final J70 Porch Series event.  We had one down there all winter.  So, we had three for this event.

The MarkSetBots acted as both ends of the starting line and the weather mark.  After the start, we used the app to make the start in to a gate with just a touch of a button.  A very cool use of the technology.  Took no effort and about 30 seconds to move them in to place.

Brian Malone from North Sails acted as PRO of the Porch Series and allowed us to run the bots from his RC boat (for the third time).

With the series coming to an end, thanks need to go out to the people involved in the series that allowed us to be involved.  Judy Hanlon, Karen Rumptz, Kat Malone, Ed Furry, and Ian Moriarty were all a big help.

Mark Allen needs a special thank you for handling all the transportation between Detroit and Florida (and back).  Literally door to door service.  Without his help, we would not have been able to get the two extra bots down to Tampa.

The biggest thank you of all goes to Jim Thompson.  He has spent several hundred hours helping on the MarkSetBot and put in another 10 hours last week converting Beta bots to Production bots.

Below are pictures from this weekend of the Production version of the MarkSetBot.  Deliveries are starting in March.  If you want one, you can preorder here:

Kevin Morin