Hitting biodegradable golf balls into the water is fun. Hitting them at a floating golf target is addictive. Enter: GolfShotBot.

GolfShotBot is a dynamic floating target that can be virtually anchored, or, for an extra challenge, make it a moving target. Paired with our eco-friendly, biodegradable golf balls, any waterfront can be instantly transformed into a captivating driving range. While this may seem like a revolutionary use for our autonomous water drones, one of our customers has been doing this since the early days of MarkSetBot.

Splash City Golf started in late 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland becoming one of the first pop-up waterfront driving ranges in the country. When they first started, they MacGyvered a floating target with inner tubes and Christmas lights, with a dumbbell acting as the anchor. As time went on, they realized they needed a much better solution. And that solution was quickly found with MarkSetBot. 


Since 2020, Splash City Golf has been using MarkSetBot as their floating golf targets. Not only is it easier to move than their previously used targets, but they are much more environmentally friendly, a huge plus for the company.

The use of MarkSetBots as golf targets is not limited to just Splash City Golf. Dialed in Golf Solutions recently partnered with Splash City Golf to bring its waterfront driving concept to Florida. They use Bots and biodegradable golf balls to provide a turnkey solution that creates memorable experiences for every participant, regardless of skill level. The use of Bots has more recently expanded past golf-specific companies. In 2023, the Mackey House, a wedding venue in Savannah, GA purchased their first GolfShotBot to use at weddings and events.

Existing MarkSetBotter?

The benefits of GolfShotBot are not limited to only new customers.
When not setting race courses, your MarkSetBot can turn into a fun activity that has been proven to sell!  With our GolfShotBot package, your course-setting Bots can become floating golf targets. Grab some of our biodegradable golf balls and turn your waterfront into a unique driving range. Great for weddings, events, and member activities, or lease to other local, on-water venues.

If you’re interested in learning more or bringing GolfShotBot to your club today, reach out to our sales team to learn more!