MarkSetBot: The Future of Race Management is Here

MarkSetBot robotic sailing buoys are self-propelled and use GPS technology to zero in on a specific location and hold position without anchors until you instruct them to move. With a user-friendly mobile interface, easy inflatable assembly, and effortless repositioning, they make precise race management in any condition simple with no complex equipment and fewer volunteers. And, there’s a MarkSetBot solution for every budget.

Proven system

Proven system used worldwide by major events and clubs of all sizes

Fast course set up

Fast course set-up with simple drag-and-drop map design

Precise placement

Precise placement with quick, effortless repositioning

Automated layout templates

Automated layout templates for popular course set-ups

Self-propelled electric motor

Self-propelled, battery powered motor

No anchor

No anchor needed

Fully inflatable

Fully inflatable for easy transportation

Redundant GPS technology

Triple constellation, redundant GPS technology

MSB is proven

User-friendly mobile app with optional “off-grid” remote

Reduces environmental damage

Reduces environmental damage related to course setting

MarkSetBot solves your biggest race committee challenges

Deep Water

Deep Water

Shifty Wind

Shifty Wind

Lack of volunteers

Lack of Volunteers

Challenging Currents

Challenging Currents

Motor Boat Issues

Sustainability Concerns

Sustainability Concerns

Race Delay

Race Delays

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Positioned for More Race Time

With MarkSetBot robotic sailing buoys, you can set your course faster, easier and more accurately than ever before—no matter the wind, no matter the size of your race committee.  If the wind changes direction, Bots can be repositioned with the swipe of a finger, so course changes are handled automatically without a mark boat crew.  This leads to more racing, better courses, happy sailors and race committee and a more sustainable sport.

Bot Days on the Water

Clubs and Organizations


MarkSetBot and RaceOS technology can add more to your course than just robotic marks!

MarkSetBot Wind

Wind Reporting

Outfit your Bot with a wind instrument and stay on top of conditions on the course, reported automatically in the MSB app.

MarkSetBot with Horn


Equip your Bot with a horn and remotely trigger signals through the MSB app.
Great for starts and course changes!

MarkSetBot App

Off-Grid Remote

MarkSetBot offers an off-grid function that allows you to control any Bot on your course with no cellular connection.

MarkSetBot OCS Detection

OCS Detection

MarkSetBots paired with our precise trackers detect OCS penalties and record finishes.

OCS Notification

Competitor Notifications

The Bots send competitor notifications via automatic smartphone/watch notifications and VHF broadcasts. 

MarkSetBot Sponsor Cover

Sponsor Recognition

There’s plenty of room on the Bots to recognize your event sponsors.  Sizing for banners or custom covers available.

Technical Details


Weight: 124 lbs (56 kg)

Dimensions: 84″ x 84″ x 54″ high (2.1m x 2.1m x 1.4m)

Available Colors: Yellow, Green, Orange

Modular assembly allows for easy shipping and part replacement

Race Conditions
Max Windspeed30 knots
Max Wave8-10 feet (3 m)
Topside VisibilityUp to 2 nautical miles (3.704 km)
Battery Life

20-24 hours in 8-10 knot winds, no current, moderate chop (100 Ah battery)


MarkSetBot purchased Bots have a one year limited warranty that covers manufacture defects. Damage caused by extreme conditions (30+ knots of wind) or misuse is not covered under this warranty. The Minn Kota motor on the MarkSetBot comes with a 2 year warranty from Minn Kota.  Extended warranties are available.  See Agreement for details.

Bot as a Service Subscriptions include a lifetime warranty.  See Agreement for details.

Select the Bot option that’s right for you:

Bot As A Service Subscription

With a Bot Subscription, you have no risk, a low upfront cost and a lifetime warranty. Plus, your Bot is replaced every 3 years, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date hardware!
60-day return policy

Bot Ownership

If you prefer to fully own your equipment, Bot Ownership is the option for you! A Bot purchase has a higher upfront cost, but lower total cost of ownership.
60-day return policy


Event Rental

Event Rental is your short-term solution. Get MarkSetBots for your next event or rent for a season, no long-term commitment required.
Need help running your Bots? We have Bot Masters available for events!