MarkSetBot is no stranger to elite competition. In the last two years alone, Bots were used at SailGP, Melges Worlds, J70 Worlds, RS21 Worlds, 44Cup Series, the Nations League Swan One Design, and more. This year, MarkSetBot added the esteemed 52 Super Series to their event roster. Established in 2012, the 52 Super Series quickly became one of the most elite monohull yacht racing circuits in the world. 2023 saw the series celebrating its 11th anniversary with ten boats competing for the coveted series trophy. Unlike many other series, the 52 Super Series complies to a strict ‘Box Rule.’ This means that certain aspects such as sail area, hull length, keel depth, and rig height must fit within strictly enforced measurements. However, designers and builders are still able to make certain adjustments and customize to their own ideas. The end result? Eleven unique boats that sail at nearly the same speed. Another unique aspect to the 52 Super Series is the races follow a simple first-past-the-post format, with no post-race time adjustments. This format puts emphasis on owners and crew to make incremental adjustments to increase speed and beat other teams.

Given the intensity and precision of racing seen in this high-performance racing circuit, it is no wonder they turned to MarkSetBot robotic buoys to advance their racecourse management. Super Series PRO, Maria Torrijo describes her experience with MarkSetBot as amazing; “MSB helps to achieve the quality the sailors deserve. In fact, by working closely with the fleet and race officers, they developed several new features following conversations about how we can make the product even better — many were even done live, on-the-water. Some of these new features include the ability to square a windward-leeward course from the windward mark, a color change that indicates when the Bot is navigating to its set position, and an integration with Georacing for improved race viewing and post-race data analysis.”

Aside from the overall race management improvements, MarkSetBot also helps the Super Series achieve their sustainability goals. With no anchors, Bots don’t disturb the sea floor. Plus, the battery-powered technology means that there are fewer mark-laying boats required and therefore less gas and reduced carbon emissions. Like the Super Series, MarkSetBot actively works to increase sustainability and make the sport of sailing more environmentally friendly.

The final event of the 2023 52 Super Series will take place this week, September 18-23, 2023, in Puerto Portals, Spain. After a successful 2023 season, MarkSetBot is looking forward to continuing to work with the Super Series for years to come. Stay up-to-date with all things Super Series by heading to their website. And learn more about MarkSetBot here.