MarkSetBots are large for excellent visibility on the water; but with our inflatable design, they also are lightweight and manageable.

With built in handles located on the hull, Bots can be easily carried and launched by only two people.

For solo launching, our dolly makes launching and retrieving the Bots a breeze.

The inflatable design also makes it easy to transport MarkSetBots.

The Bots pack quickly and store in easy-to-carry boxes that fit into the back of your car, truck bed or trailer. With no heavy components, Bots are easy to pack and handle by one person. Three Bots will fit in most sedans as long as the rear seat folds down, or easily in the back of an average sized SUV. With our MSB trailer – a 6’x8’ trailer towed with a truck or SUV – we are able to bring all the Bots you need to run your event!

Packed MarkSetBots