In early 2022, MarkSetBot successfully completed and oversubscribed its $1.07 million RegCF investment round.

To our shareholders: Welcome! We appreciate your investment and confidence in our company. Please visit our secured investor portal for the latest MarkSetBot news and materials.

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About MarkSetBot

MarkSetBot is a robotics company that is positioned to disrupt the marine industry, starting with sailboat racing and poised to move into other aquatic use applications. Our robotic buoys are self-propelled and use GPS technology to zero in on a specific location and anchorlessly hold position until instructed to move. With a user-friendly mobile app, easy assembly, and effortless routing and repositioning, we believe we are transforming the way sailboat races are run. The sailing industry is our immediate focus and there’s a compelling market for our product. Looking forward, our patented technology – the ability to deploy, operate, and monitor fleets of aquatic drones – has applications in many other verticals and we’re primed to license to these industries.

To learn more about our RegCF round and MarkSetBot, visit our StartEngine page.