Now you can invest in the future of race management!

Join us at the starting line! We’re excited to share that MarkSetBot’s equity crowdfunding campaign is now live on StartEngine.

About MarkSetBot

MarkSetBot is a robotics company that is disrupting the marine industry, starting with sailboat racing and poised to move into other aquatic use applications.  Our robotic buoys are self-propelled and use GPS technology to zero in on a specific location and anchorlessly hold position until instructed to move.  With a user-friendly mobile interface, easy assembly, and effortless routing and repositioning, we believe we are revolutionizing the way sailboat races are run.  What once was arduous work, now can be accomplished with a quick tap on a mobile device. Our buoys also eliminate significant environmental stressors related to racecourse setting.

The sailing industry is our immediate focus and there’s significant energy and market for our product.  Looking forward, it has applications well-beyond racing.  Our core technology – the ability to deploy, operate, and monitor fleets of aquatic drones – has applications in many other verticals and we’re primed to license to these industries.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

You might be familiar with crowdfunding, but not equity crowdfunding.  Equity crowdfunding lets startups and private businesses raise capital from the crowd.  Through StartEngine, people can invest in startups that they believe in.  And everyone (18+) can be an investor, not just VCs and private equity firms.  In fact, the minimum investment for our StartEngine round is just $250.  Investors hold partial ownership in the company and have the opportunity to profit if the company succeeds.

With our StartEngine round, our goal—in addition to raising capital—is to build a community of investors and brand advocates.

Own a part of the company!

We have seen dramatic year over year growth and our technology is being used around the world.  We’ve set our sights on our robotic buoys superseding traditional marks as the standard for sailboat racing worldwide.  At the same time, we’ve been exploring ways our core technology can impact broader marine-related fields.  To reach these goals, we are hoping to scale our manufacturing and distribution network so that we can get more bots out onto the water.  This is where you come in.  If you are interested in investing in MarkSetBot, now is the time to get on board.

Why invest with us?
  • We have a track record of execution.  Our team has a proven record of starting, growing and selling successful businesses.  Our expertise is in designing and delivering technology-based solutions to complex problems.  Each member of our leadership team has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, and we have structured all of our companies with the same proven methodology for running successful ventures.
  • There’s a buzz about MarkSetBot.  We have interest from the pinnacle of sailing.  MarkSetBot is used regularly at major international sailing championships, and our momentum within the highest professional sailing circuits is growing.  Historically, the sailing industry has embraced advancing technology and we have partnerships in place with key industry leaders to spur adoption at all levels of the sport.
  • We have traction, and tremendous untapped market potential.  Our patented technology is in production, proven on the water, and used around the world.  Even still, there is significant growth opportunity within the worldwide leisure marine market which exceeded $110 billion dollars in 2019.   To reach that mark, we have an established international dealer network, now in eight countries on four continents.
  • Application of our tech reaches far beyond sailing.   Our core technology—the ability to deploy, operate, and monitor fleets of aquatic drones—has applications in verticals ranging from security, to entertainment, to water quality testing and more.   We have refined our technology through the rigors of sailboat racing (our personal passion), and are ready to license to larger industries.

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