Almost every person that reaches out to the MarkSetBot team asks “How much does it cost?”

When we respond saying $6995 USD, half the clubs immediately respond “we can’t afford it”.  In our guts, we thought that the savings in fuel, people, and gear would make the MarkSetBot worth it, but we needed to dissect the data and see actual numbers.

It turns out that buying a MarkSetBot is the fiscally and environmentally responsible thing to do.  It costs way less to operate than a boat with fuel and saves huge amounts of man hours.

Here is a conservative spreadsheet of the savings:

This assumes you pay $0 out of pocket for the MarkSetBot.

It is also a very conservative calculation.  If your club has really nice gear with large engines, your numbers are going to show an even bigger savings.

Want to see all the calculations?  Check out our online spreadsheet.  Feel free to download it and plug in your own numbers:

If you are ready to get a MarkSetBot, you can order one here:

If you need help buying a MarkSetBot, please reach out to us about our Grant Program.  We don’t want the cost to get in the way of your club experiencing great racing.  Here is the link to our Grant Program:


Too expensive?