Almost every person who reaches out to the MarkSetBot team asks, “How much does it cost?” or says, “I probably can’t afford this.”  We’re confident that MarkSetBots will prove to be affordable for your club.

Let’s dive into the true value proposition.  Our Return on Investment calculator reveals a crucial insight: You can’t afford not to have Bots.

When you dissect the data and see actual numbers, you will see that embracing MarkSetBots makes financial sense.  In addition to allowing you to set perfectly square race courses, it costs significantly less to operate a MarkSetBot than a boat with fuel and saves huge amounts of man-hours.

Here is a conservative look at the savings:

ROI calculation

Remember, this is a very conservative calculation.  If your club has nice gear with large engines, your numbers will show even bigger savings.

Want to dive deep into the calculations?  Check out our online spreadsheet.  You can download it and plug in your own numbers to see the cost-savings for your specific situation.

The bottom line? MarkSetBots aren’t just a “nice-to-have”.  In addition to tremendous course-setting improvements and efficiencies, they offer tangible financial benefits for your club.  Embrace efficiency, course-setting precision, and long-term savings with MarkSetBot.