From Day 1, we’ve focused on making MarkSetBot simple-to-use and reliable in any condition. Lately, we’ve been all about advancing our game-changing racecourse technology with exciting integrations and features.

Last week, we released the 459th version of our code. That’s 459 enhancements that have made course-setting with MarkSetBot the premier solution. Our customers are integral to this process. In fact, more than 300 of these updates have been based on customer feedback and feature requests.

Let’s take a look at a few new MarkSetBot features:

VHF Announcements

MarkSetBot can automate the starting sequence from warning signal to race start with horns and VHF broadcasts. Developed with PROs, the system provides a 10-second countdown for race committee before flags need to go up or down, plus minute announcements and a starting countdown for racers. Simply set your race start time in the app and let MarkSetBot handle the rest.

Light Sensor

MarkSetBot offers an ultra-bright LED system to bring attention to your Bots. The light will auto-flash when the Bot is on the move. It also can be triggered from within the MarkSetBot Commander app manually or at a set interval.  Seven different flashing patterns are configurable. This is a great feature to add to make competitors aware of course changes or a reset of the starting pin.  It also makes a fun finish line celebration.

Wind System

Our wind sensor reports real-time data to the MarkSetBot app, so you can always see wind speed and direction, even if the Bots are on the move. Our software takes the data feed and provides visualizations to help you set the best course, including 5-minute averages, wind rose graphs, and plots to visualize wind shift patterns.

Integrations with Wind Forecasting Apps

When equipped with our Wind Sensor, Bots on your course can feed their data into third-party applications including SailFlow, PredictWind, and Windycator.

MarkSetBot continues to evolve, driven by our commitment to reliability, innovation and customer engagement. With each enhancement and integration, we’re advancing racecourse technology to provide exciting solutions for sailors and race committees.