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Answers to your MarkSetBot questions


How portable is the MarkSetBot?

The bot takes up 60″ x 30″ x 20″ when deflated. You can leave a bot mostly assembled but deflated if you need to save space.

You can fit 3 Bots in most sedans as long as the rear seat folds down.

How does the Bot move?

Most people who see the MarkSetBot or hear about it have one main question; how does it get to where it’s going, and how does it remain there without an anchor? We hope that this helps to provide a general answer to that question.

The Bot is powered by a 50 or 100 ah battery, which sends current to a 12v Minn Kota trolling motor. This motor is akin to one you would find on a fishing boat. This electric motor is highly efficient and quiet. The motor itself is controlled by a ProNav unit, which, while integrated with the MarkSetBot app, is able to tell the Bot where to go.

Typically, the Minn Kota would be paired with a foot pedal on a fishing boat that an angler could press to go left, right, and to control thrust. However, in the case of the Bot, the “pedals” are connected to the MarkSetBot app. So, when a user sets a waypoint via the app, the app commands the ProNav unit to navigate the Bot to the proper location.

We get that some of you out there want to know more technical information, so please reach out to with more questions! We are happy to dig deeper!

How fast is MarkSetBot?

The current MarkSetBot is capable of 4 knots of speed (more in some conditions). 

This speed limitation often causes qualms for clubs and users who need to move their Bots a long distance to get to a racing area. To solve this dilemma, we have created a high speed tow raft which is capable of carrying 4 (6 with special order) Bots on a full plane (25+ kts). The Bots are strapped on and then easily launched from the racecourse to save energy and time.

Race Committees often are also concerned with how quickly they can change a course with the Bot. To hopefully ease these worries, we have created a table with course lengths, degree of course change, and time taken for the Bot to move to its new location. Check that out below:


Windward Mark:

Degrees/Length(nm) 0.2 0.5 1 1.5 2
5 0.02 nm / 0.3 min 0.04 nm / 0.7 min 0.09 nm / 1.3 min 0.13 nm / 2.0 min 0.17 nm / 2.6 min
10 0.03 nm / 0.5min 0.09 nm / 1.3 min 0.17 nm / 2.6 min 0.26 nm / 3.9 min 0.35 nm / 5.2 min
20 0.07 nm / 1.0 min 0.17 nm / 2.6 min 0.35 nm / 5.2 min 0.52 nm / 7.8 min 0.69 nm / 10.4 min
30 0.10 nm / 1.6 min 0.26 nm / 3.9 min 0.52 nm / 7.8 min 0.78 nm / 11.6 min 1.04 nm / 15.5 min
40 0.14 nm / 2.1 min 0.34 nm / 2.1 min 0.68 nm / 10.3 min 1.03 nm / 15.4 min 1.37 nm / 20.5 min

Starting and Gate Marks:

Degrees/Length(m) 50 100 200 250 300
5 4.36 m / 0.04 min 8.72 m / 0.7 min 17.45 m / 0.14 min 21.81 m / 0.18 min 26.17 m / 0.21 min
10 8.72 m / 0. 07 min 17.43 m / 0.14 min 34.86 m / 0.28 min 43.58 m / 0.35 min 52.29 m / 0.42 min
20 17.36 m / 0.14 min 34.73 m / 0.28 min 69.46 m / 0.56 min 86.82 m / 0.7 min 104.19 m / 0.84 min
30 25.88m m / 0.21 min 51.76 m / 0.42 min 103.53 m / 0.84 min 129.41 m / 1.05 min 155.29 m / 1.26 min
40 34.20 m / 0.28 min 68.4 m / 0.55 min 136.81 m / 1.11 min 171.01 m / 1.39 min 205.21 m / 1.66 min
How does the Bot stay in place without an anchor?
The Bot is programmed to remain within a 5 foot radius of its GPS location. This is, in most cases, smaller than the radius that a standard mark stays within and is programmed by sending the Bot to an imaginary “circle”. The circle has a 10 foot diameter, and the Bot always remains as close to the center of the circle as possible. If a wave or wind gust sets the Bot back slightly, its GPS will sense this movement and engage the motor to take corrective action. This feedback loop is quick enough that the Bot rarely moves more than 1-2 feet from where it is programmed to be.
What is the wind and wave height limit for using MarkSetBots?
How long is the battery life?
MarkSetBot offers two battery options, a 50ah and 100ah lithium-ion battery. In normal conditions (i.e. 7-10 knots of breeze, 1-2 foot waves), the Bot has an approximate battery life of 12 hours with the 50ah battery and 24 with the 100ah. This battery life, however, fluctuates depending on how much the Bot must move around (course changes, motoring to course), wind speed, waves, and current.

In our trials, Bots have been able to last 8-10 hours in windy (over 20 knot) conditions even with the 50ah battery. The 100ah only extends this capacity. So, regardless of the battery option, and holding all else constant (current of 0), in wind-speeds of 20+ knots, the Bots can easily make it through an entire day of racing.

When you send a bot out to the race course on it’s own, it uses more battery than when holding place. Sending a bot 1nm uses about 10Ah (20Ah round trip). That leaves you with 30Ah or 80Ah depending on the battery you select.

Can the battery be changed on the water?


Where has the MarkSetBot been used?

Bots have been used at major regattas around the world. Below you’ll find a list of some of the highlights:

  • SailGP in New York, Cowes, Marseilles, Sydney
  • World Sailing Para-World Championship (43 teams on primary course, also used for medal races for even more)
  • Windsurfer Class World Trophy (Windsurfer Europe, 200+ competitors)
  • Lightning Women’s, Juniors, Masters’ North American Championship (75 teams)
  • US Sailing Team Lightning Pan-American Games trials (15 teams)
  • RS21 North American Championship
  • O’pen Bic North American Championship (60+ competitors)
  • Grimaldi Cup (Windsurfer Europe, 78 competitors)
  • Bayview One Design Regatta
  • 18 Foot Skiff European Championship
  • Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge
  • European J70 Battles

These events are just a selection of major events that have used MarkSetBots. If you would like to learn more, reach out to!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We use a service called to help make international shipping more cost effective. 

To ship internationally, we’ll ask you to sign up for a accounts, which gives you a forwarding address in Sarasota, Florida, USA

We ship to that address and then they forward to you.  It will cost between $90 and $100 for us to ship to Sarasota.  It usually costs around $200 – $300 for to forward the two boxes to you.  You pay yourself.  We have seen the price as high as $400 – $600.  You can get a quote at  One bot without a battery comes in two boxes and weighs 85 pounds.  With the 50Ah battery, it is 100 pounds.  With the 100Ah battery, it is 110 pounds.

When filling out an order online, you simply enter the address that gives you (the one in Sarasota, FL, USA.

Attached is a screenshot of the confirmation you will get when a package shows up at for you.

NOTE: This is a cost effective option but often is much slower than services like DHL

What is the lifespan of the MarkSetBot?
Do you offer a Software Source Code Escrow agreement?

While this is not something we typically offer customers, we’re happy to work with you.  If you are interested, reach out to

We can set you up for an agreement at

The agreements are around $25/month.


What is the annual cost of maintenance?
How do owners access upgrades and new parts?

We plan to offer a subscription-based program, in which Bot owners can pay an annual fee and receive all of the upgraded parts that we introduce during a given year. Additionally, for users who do not find this to be a desirable option, we will likely offer parts at production price to existing owners.

Does MarkSetBot sponsor events?