Did you know MarkSetBot has a worldwide dealer network?

While our headquarters is in the United States, we have a network of dealers around the world who can assist with any MarkSetBot or RaceOS need. From sales to Bot maintenance and event management, our dealers and resellers are here to help support you and your Bot fleet. We have dealers in Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America, and our network is growing every day. Reach out to sales@marksetbot.com and we’ll connect you to the dealer nearest you!

Expanded production
We’re also excited to share that we recently redesigned our shop to expand and increase production. With this expansion, we’re now building and shipping up to 10 Bots per week, or more than 500 per year.

Our shop is built with efficiency in mind. We have stations for each key task in the Bot-building process which allows us to quickly scale up production when large orders need to be fulfilled. Most of our manufacturing occurs indoors, but our large outdoor space makes it easy to test and stage lots of Bots.

Our increased production capacity combined with our robust dealer network means we’re ready to bring MarkSetBot robotic buoys to your club quickly!

MarkSetBot Shop