If you’ve seen MarkSetBot robotic buoys on the water, you may be wondering how the Bots receive commands.  We offer two communication options: our primary cellular system and an off-grid remote.

Cellular Communication
The primary MarkSetBot communication system is built on a cellular network. There are tremendous benefits to being internet-connected.

As a result of the cellular connection, we’re able to incorporate incredible technology – the “Internet of Things” – into our race mark system, including exciting add-ons like recording races for playback, OCS detection, and our integrated 360-degree Bot Cam.  Cellular also allows us to trigger remote software updates and provide remote support so your Bot always has our latest and greatest tech.

MarkSetBot cellular cards access more than 300 networks, so no matter where you take your Bot it will connect to that area’s most reliable network connection. If your Bots lose connection while on the water, they will continue to hold their last received position while they work to reconnect.

Off-Grid Remote
If your area has cellular challenges or you’re sailing offshore, no need to worry – our Bots can handle that too. MarkSetBot offers a simple off-grid remote that you can use to control any Bot on your course with no cellular connection.

About MarkSetBot

MarkSetBot patented robotic buoys are self-propelled and use GPS technology to zero in on a specific location and anchorlessly hold position until you instruct them to move. With a user-friendly mobile interface or simple off-grid remote, easy inflatable assembly, and effortless repositioning, they make precise race management in any condition simple with no complex equipment and fewer volunteers.