In most sports, instant replay exists to help make refs and viewers see exactly what happened. In sailing, however, there is no such feature. That is why we are so excited to announce that for the first time ever, it is now possible to track the exact movements of your MarkSetBots throughout the day. We are excited to introduce our newest feature, Bot Track Playback, to all MarkSetBot users.

With this feature, Bot operators are able to replay the track of each of their Bots from the last 24 hours and see the data of each Bot’s movements throughout the day. For us, the goal behind the feature is to give race committees additional data and information.

Not only can users track the course as a whole, but they can also select and track individual marks. The feature gives users the option to watch in 1X speed or to increase the speed up to 30X speed. Additionally, the moving player makes it possible to scroll to and view a specific moment in time.

See it in Action:

Check out what our new Bot Track Playback feature below!