What do you need from a race mark? We think there are three key attributes that race committee and sailors alike value most. Marks should be:

  • Accurate
  • Visible
  • Able to hold position all day

That doesn’t sound like a big ask! But we’ve all sailed courses lacking in one (or more!) of these areas. Courses that are skewed after the start, marks that can’t be seen from a distance, drifting marks—they’re all very common race course woes. We’re proud to say that MarkSetBot delivers on all three.

MarkSetBot makes precise placement of marks easy. And with quick, effortless repositioning, keeping courses square is a breeze. Just drag and drop marks with a swipe of the finger. Our user-friendly mobile app includes automated layout templates to make setting courses simple. With our wind instrument, it’s easy to see when the course needs adjustment.

MarkSetBot’s large, solid inflatable topside is easy to spot on the course. In fact, Bots are visible at distances up to 2nm—roughly twice as far as traditional marks. With topside color options, you can choose the color most visible for your shoreline. Speaking of visibility, you can even add custom sleeves to the Bots, which allow event sponsor logos to be super-sized.

All-Day Positioning
Our lithium ion batteries power the MarkSetBot for 24 hours in normal conditions (8-10 knots of breeze, 1-2 foot waves). Even in windy conditions above 20 knots, Bots are able to hold position for 16-20 hours—plenty of time for a normal race day. MarkSetBots report their battery status in the app, including the health of the battery, current power draw, and the percentage of power remaining, so you’re always equipped with up-to-date data.

Not only do the Bots have staying power, they also can handle serious weather. MarkSetBots have been used successfully in conditions with wind above 30 knots and waves of 3 meters. Over the years, we’ve honed our hull by studying its performance in varying conditions to find a balance that performs ideally in all conditions. While traditional marks bob in waves, MarkSetBots—with our wide stance and low center of gravity—stay steady. In any weather that a Race Committee would send boats out on the water, the Bots will perform.

MSB Sponsor Cover
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With more than 7,000 days on the water, MarkSetBot is a proven and reliable solution for race course management. MarkSetBot improves the quality of racing, cuts down on volunteers, saves money, lightens your impact on the environment, and makes it easier to run great races. Shouldn’t you get on board?