Where did MarkSetBot come from? Our founder and creator Kevin Morin conceptualized MarkSetBot® while racing on Lightnings at Pontiac Yacht Club. Every racer at the club is required to do Race Committee duties twice a year, and Cass Lake is a challenging place for Race Committee work.  The wind is very shifty and there are many areas that are too deep to set an anchor.

Often the Race Committee is forced to set a course that isn’t ideal because it’s the only location where a mark can be set.  Kevin figured if he could replace the mark set boat, each racer would only have to volunteer once a year, which would mean one extra day of racing for everyone!

Kevin credits his inspiration for the project the project to a longtime family friend and retired engineer, the late Bill Margolin. Bill had a way of dissecting problems, and during the months before he passed away, they talked about the concept for MarkSetBot.  Bill loved to solve problems, so Kevin brought a prototype to the hospital one day.  Bill suggested ditching the preliminary prototype and creating a way to provide thrust via a propeller on a pivot.  At the time, Kevin thought he was crazy, but several weeks later, when he saw a GPS-based trolling motor he knew that was the way to go. 

In 2014, the first functional prototype was developed and was called Robobuoy®.  In 2016, ProNav Marine of Houghton, MI and MarkSetBot teamed together to improve on the initial prototype.  This led to a beta at 6 clubs in the summer of 2017 with production starting in 2018. Robobuoy still serves as the core technology behind MarkSetBot, which is the only inflatable and fully remote-controlled sail mark available.

Today, MarkSetBot is used to solve course setting problems and reduce setup time in sailing and watersports events worldwide.

We believe if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

That’s why we are launching our Topside Competition. If you’re tired of sitting at home with nothing to do, we’re looking to take our topside to the next level and want your input.

Apply on your own, or team up – virtually, of course – with your closest sailing buds.

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