We Automate the Race Course

RaceOS by MarkSetBot is complete course automation – self-setting race courses with wind shift adjustments, sequence and course change signals, start and finish detection with automatic scoring, all fully controlled by the MarkSetBot operating system. It’s a game-changing race course innovation.

RaceOS is incredibly flexible.

With different levels of automation, there’s a RaceOS package for every sailing scenario.

Automation Levels Chart
Automation Levels 0-1
Automation Levels 1-2
Automation Levels 4-5

RaceOS pairs MarkSetBots with tracking, a horn system and a wind instrument, and gathers all of the data together to autonomously run the race. RaceOS can handle every part of race management or can provide you with data and equipment to set outstanding courses.  No matter the level of automation selected, RaceOS will help you run exceptional races.

Perhaps you’d use “Full Course Automation” for club racing when volunteers are in short supply. The Bots will run all aspects of the race, from signals to OCS detection, course changes to scoring. Leave the course management to the Bots and just sail!

For a championship regatta with a professional PRO, “Mark and Sensor Automation” is ideal. The Bots are under your command. At your instruction, they’ll sound horn sequences, signal course changes, provide constant wind readings and historical data, but the decision-making and competitor tracking is up to you.


This sounds too cool to be true. When will you be done developing it?

RaceOS is ready to go! The world’s first ever autonomous regatta was run in October 2020.

But I like running races. Is RaceOS still for me?

Definitely!  With RaceOS, you can choose your desired level of automation.  You can choose to use MarkSetBots without any other features, you can add in wind sensors and/or horns, or you can go the whole way and let the course set itself.  You decide!

I use MarkSetBot already. Do my Bots support full course automation?

Yes, they can! You need our Horn and Wind add-ons plus a TracTrac subscription.

How does the system score boats without a Race Committee being present?

The start, mark roundings and finish are all recorded automatically based on the trackers that are on each boat.  This data can be sent to sites like YachtScoring and SAP Sailing Analytics.

How do I set the start of a race?

Just choose the time you want the race to start and RaceOS does the rest. Warning signal, count down with signals and then the starting signal. Automatically!

Are you saying that this detects OCS and automatically sounds a horn if someone is over early?

Yes.  A sensor is placed on each competitor.  If a boat is over early, a horn is automatically sounded and a notification is sent to their smart phone or smart watch.  The Bots will even relay notifications over VHF.

How are competitors notified?

In addition to horn blasts, notifications are also sent to the smart phones and smart watches of each competitor. Signals can also be made by the Bots over VHF.

How does the system know what direction to set the course?

RaceOS uses wind data from the MarkSetBot at the top of the course to determine direction.  The determination can be made on current readings, past 5 minutes, or historical data from the past 3 hours.

Do the horns sound when the course is changed?

Yes.  Horns are sounded when the course is changed and competitors are notified on smart phone and/or smart watch.  Signals continue until the last competitor has rounded.

What happens if the race is postponed or abandoned?

Automatic horns are sounded and the race is reset to prepare for it to be run again.

With RaceOS, how many race officers are needed to run the race?

None.  The system handles OCS reporting, mark changes and scoring. You are able to run races with no RC people.  Just competitors. Everyone gets to race!

I am a national race officer. Why would I want RaceOS?

Pairing MarkSetBot with our wind system is a very powerful race tool. No longer will you have to ask for wind readings at the top mark. When the wind shifts right before the sequences starts, you can shift the pin 10 meters quickly with the tap of a button. RaceOS helps you run a more competitive race while saving money on unnecessary boats, crew and fuel.

I am a sailing coach. How can RaceOS help me?

RaceOS lets you spend all your time coaching.  The course sets and adjusts itself, and you can replay races during debriefs (or in realtime).

How can RaceOS help me race better?

There are a couple areas where RaceOS helps. 1) RaceOS tracks the course of each boat and allows you to play them back. You can see where someone made out and compare that to what you did. The data is available in realtime or with a delay. 2) Because you don’t need a race committee to run races, you are able to get out on the water on a real course any day or time.

Is RaceOS patented?

Yes, we hold several patents related to MarkSetBot and RaceOS.  Our latest patent was filed in October 2020, which encompasses the concepts behind RaceOS.  This patent will be extended internationally.