MarkSetBot: Enabling TP 52 Super Series Precision Racing

On Your Mark, Set, 52 Super Series


Grand Prix Sailing at Its Best: How MarkSetBot Revolutionized 52 Super Series Mark Setting

The TP 52 Super Series is the world’s leading grand prix monohull yacht racing circuit, where 10 teams from 7 nations battle it out over a series of 5-6 week-long regattas in Europe and the USA. MarkSetBot is enabling precise course setup and faster course adjustment with no environmental impact.

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Fast, Powerful and Looking for Advantages

When talking to crews, they will tell you that these fast, light, powerful monohulls feel more like high-performance dinghies. They also will tell you they look for any small, incremental advantage to win these races.

MarkSetBot allows the race committee to adjust courses quickly and easily, reducing a skewed course advantage.

Faster Course Changes,
Higher Quality Racing

MSB created a way to make course changes and adjustments happen fast and precisely, eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual mark setting. Traditional methods of setting racecourses involve multiple mark-laying boats, anchors, and a significant amount of time. MarkSetBot robotic buoys eliminate this complexity.

Our self-propelled buoys use GPS technology to hold position precisely, without the need for anchors. With our mark setting Bots, all marks can change position all at once, with a single touch of the MSB app screen. 

This gives the 52 Super Series race committee these advantages:
  • Precision course setting and resetting in minutes
  • The quick mark changes mean less down time and more racing in a day.
  • It takes fewer human resources to put on the race, greatly reducing the number of race committee and on the water support personnel needed. 

    52 Super Series Environmental Sustainability Strategies & Targets

    The collective sustainability mission of the 52 Super Series is to: 

    • Embrace sustainability. Increase awareness. Change the world.
    • Implement and encourage environmentally responsible actions and initiatives from management to participants
    • Follow, adopt and promote local recycling guidelines
    • Strive to reduce waste of all types
    • Adopt a sustainable procurement code
    • Choose environmentally friendly products
    • Upcycle and repurpose where possible
    • Progressively reduce its environmental footprint via practical and meaningful steps 

    Sustainability Meets Performance:

    MarkSetBot’s Green Advantage

    MSB aligns perfectly with their sustainability mission. Our robotic buoys are electric-powered and require no anchors to stay in place, eliminating the environmental impact of fossil fuel burning mark-laying boats and seabed damaging anchors that sometimes get left behind. We are a Sailors for the Sea best practice, which helps you achieve Clean Regatta status.

    Unleash the Potential of Your Races

    See How MarkSetBot Works for 52 Super Series

    Experience the same precision, speed, and sustainability advantages trusted by 52 Super Series. MarkSetBot offers a range of features to elevate your race management, including:

    • Highly visible marks: Ensure clear visibility for all competitors and sponsor recognition too.
    • Quick and easy course changes: Respond to wind shifts and other factors effortlessly.
    • Wind reporting including trend mapping: Gain valuable insights into wind conditions for informed race management with weather radar and forecasting tools.
    • Bot Track Playback: Track the exact movements of your MarkSetBots throughout the day. Replay race history from the last 24 hours and visualize each bot’s movements using their data. (Learn more about this new feature).
    • Seamless software integration: Works with popular sailing software including TracTrac, ChartedSails, Expedition, Njord, SailFlow, Windycator, and SAP for a unified experience.
    • Fully integrated systems: With wind instrumentation, horn system, 360º video, AIS transponder, boat trackers, OCS detection, weather radar and depth charts from companies like: Airmar, BuoyZone, GeoRacing, SailBot, Sailmon, TracTrac, Vakaros, and Velocitek 
    • User-friendly mobile app: Need fewer volunteers with remote bot settings controlled by one person through our app (available in Android, IOS and Microsoft platforms)

    Experience the Latest Technology with MarkSetBot

    No matter what sort of boat you campaign from Optis to Lasers, Melges to JBoats, including their big boat classes, you benefit from MSB innovations related to the elite 52 Super Series class.

    By being involved with elite classes and delivering on high-quality racing technology, we get constant input from expert sailors, PROs and race judges. We are always innovating our products to do what they need. As a technology-first company, we are committed to continuous improvement and have launched more than 400 features and updates in our app. And we’re on our way to creating a fully autonomous/AI racecourse!

    Ready to bring world-class racecourse technology to your club?

    Imagine the benefits of 52 Super Series-style race management at your events. MarkSetBot makes it possible. Contact us today to learn more about how MSB can help you deliver exceptional racing experiences, just like the 52 Super Series.