We are honored to announce our inclusion in the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas Toolkit!

Clean Regattas is the world’s leading sustainability certification for all on-the-water, near-the-water, and water-loving events. Since the program’s inception in 2006, over 3,600 events have shown their commitment to sustainability by hosting Clean Regattas. This program has reached over 1 million sailors and attendees across 53 countries. Clean Regattas is a free, self-assessment tool with powerful resources and support that awards certification levels from Participant to Platinum.

The Clean Regattas Toolkit outlines 20 Best Practices – the most impactful ways you can make meaningful changes at your event.  Recognizing our initiatives to reduce sailing-related environmental stressors, Sailors for the Sea has included MarkSetBot as one of their 20 best practices. By using MarkSetBot, you can achieve Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta status.

Our robotic marks use electric self-propulsion and GPS technology to set and adjust marks on a course. This technology is efficient, smart and it eliminates the need for seabed destructive anchors and fossil-fuel-burning power boats whose sole purposes are moving around marks. MarkSetBot is a great way to make your regatta more sustainable.

Ready to commit to a clean regatta?  Check out Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas and register your event today!