Last month, MarkSetBot hit a major milestone:

Our Bots have racked up more than 10,000 days on the water with clubs and organizations worldwide!
MarkSetBot regattas

From local weekday racing to world championships regattas and racing circuits, they’ve earned a plethora of race experience. From the start, our goal was to make MarkSetBot simple-to-use and reliable in any condition. Check ✔️! Light air, big breeze, waves — battle-tested MarkSetBot holds steady.

These days, we’re all about advancing our game-changing racecourse technology beyond the basics. Sailboat racing is full of innovation and technology and we’re determined to bring that outlook to course management.

Today, MarkSetBot is even more than an anchorless robotic buoy. We’re a fully-featured race management solution with exciting tools for race officers and sailors — real-time wind reporting, OCS detection, calculators for target race time and starting line length, connected cameras and signals, integrations with other sailing technology providers, and more. Our features simplify course setting and put incredible course management data at your fingertips.

We take feedback from our users and quickly bring to life solutions for their race management needs. Listen in as MarkSetBot founder, Kevin Morin, shares the impact of customer feedback:

We’ve worked hard to develop a reliable and full-featured product and we’re proud of the capabilities we’ve proven through time on the water. With MarkSetBot robotic bouy’s ease of use and penchant for keeping courses square, there’s one common sentiment we’ve heard over 10,000+ days on the water—race officers and racers alike love the Bots and no one wants to run another race without MarkSetBot!