Simple, precise course setting
with no anchors

MarkSetBot is the world’s first and most advanced 
robotic sailing mark system


Set your course faster, more easily, and more accurately than ever before. The future of race management is here.

MarkSetBot offers robotic buoys and integrated course-setting technology for sailboat racing that makes race management simple, accurate and sustainable. Our patented robotic buoys are self-propelled and use GPS technology to hold position without anchors. With a user-friendly mobile app, easy assembly, and effortless routing and repositioning, they make precise race management simple.

Robotic Buoys

Add-On Technology


MarkSetBot helps clubs and organizations run races sustainably and efficiently with game-changing technology

Fast course set up

Fast course set-up with simple map design

Precise placement

Precise placement with quick repositioning

Fast course set up

User friendly mobile app with off-grid remote

Zero icon

No anchor needed in deep water or high wind

Reduces environmental damage

Reduces environmental damage

Fully inflatable

Fully inflatable for easy transport and ASSEMBLY

Automated layout templates

Automated layout templates for 35+ courses

MSB Suite of Technology

Comprehensive suite of supportive race management technology

MSB Team Icon

Dedicated team supporting product delivery and innovation

Why MSB Icons


MarkSetBot hardware and software have been honed since early 2014. Today, MarkSetBot is trusted by clubs worldwide and at all levels of events, from local weekday racing to world championship regattas. Our Bots have spent more than 30,000 days on the water and our app has been used in 39 countries.


MarkSetBot has an established network of dealers and distributors in Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America. From sales to Bot maintenance and event management, our dealers are here to support you and your Bot fleet.


Customers and Partners

MarkSetBot improves the quality and sustainability of racing, makes it possible to run more races in less time and results in happy racers and race committees.

"[MarkSetBot] has added a lot of quality to the racing. We don’t need to wait when we have a big wind shift as the marks can now be moved very efficiently, which ensures the competitors aren’t waiting a long time for the racing. Sometimes when the water is very deep, the mark layers need a lot of time to reset the course but with the robotic marks, it can be done very quickly. This makes it easier to get a higher degree of accuracy, and so the quality of the racing is much higher."

Maria Torrijo, Principal Race Officer, RC44 Cup

“The robotic racing marks from MarkSetBot proved their worth from the outset, not only protecting the seabed as part of ClubSwan Racing’s commitment to sustainability but also able to be easily repositioned to take account of windshifts.”

The Nations League Swan One Design

“I’m amazed at how accurate the MarkSetBots are. I noticed it when I was pinging the line. Every ping, they were in the same exact place. In shifty venues, you’re able to make course adjustments so easily by just pressing a button. It was very efficient and I think we were able to run races in conditions that otherwise would have been a lot more challenging and maybe not possible.”

Victor Diaz De Leon, Professional Sailor

“I recently did a Club-Swan 50 event and they used really cool self-propelled, no anchor GPS-controlled race marks – they were working in current and good breeze and waves and it made for simple racecourse adjustments and far fewer people needed to run the races.  If you are a starting-line perfectionist PRO this gives you free reign to move the mark up to about five minutes before the start and still allow people to ping the pin.

Fewer people.  Fewer anchor lines.  Fewer boats needed.  Less fuel.”

Ken Read, President, North Sails


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2023 In Review

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